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May 21

Does Pepsi or Coke rot your teeth faster?

An interesting study examined the acidity of 20 commercial soda brands, and the results found that many of the most popular brands are nearly as corrosive to tooth enamel as battery acid. The results found that Soda is nearly 10 times as more likely to create erosion in the enamel as fruit juices. Part of the study examined the weight of teeth enamel, before and after they were place in the different sodas for a period of 48 hours. Results showed the weight of the tooth enamel decreased up to 5% depending on the specific soda. RC Cola was found to have the greatest acidity with 2.387, and Mug Root Beer with the least acidity of 4.038. Coke was found to be more acidic than Pepsi with an acidic level of 2.525, and Pepsi having a level of 2.53. Due to the high levels of both citric acid and/or phosphoric acid found in sodas, it is highly recommended to limit/avoid your consumption of these beverages.

Sources: LiveScience,; Sedation Dentistry

Drink Acidity of Popular Sodas

Effect of Excessive Consumption of Mountain Dew on Tooth Enamel

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